Clixel Media

Based in beautiful Colorado Springs, Clixel Media has been designing, developing, and driving traffic to a wide variety of web sites for an exclusive list of partners for nearly a decade. We are entrepreneurs at heart and are passionate about the fine art and science of creative marketing.

Much of what we know about web design and marketing was learned in the trenches, building our own sites, running our own advertising campaigns, and driving traffic. We specialize in Facebook Advertising, Google Adwords, Bing Ads, display, and direct media buying. Some of our campaigns have generated thousands of leads per day for our partners and we’re comfortable managing six-figure/month marketing budgets on a performance basis.

We love working with small, local businesses and national brands alike, but we are very selective about the partners we work with. For us it’s all about quality vs. quantity, so it’s imperative that we believe in the companies, products, and services we promote. Here’s our basic rule of thumb: if you’re not comfortable showing your product or service to your mom, we’re not the marketing firm for you.

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Performance Stats

We’re all about producing results and fueling your business — it’s what we do.

  • 385470 Leads Generated YTD New customers we’ve produced for our partners so far in 2015
  • 1580 Leads Per Day Average number of leads we generate per day
  • 334282 Visitors Per Month Average visitors per month we send to our partners